A Glutton for Punishment

These are some crazy times, man. There are days when it seems as if everything (well, most things) is going to the shits (that's french for dumps). COVID threw the world for a loop and its going to be a long time before we come back to our senses (if we ever come back to our senses).

I started BOOM TOWN because I (I wanted to pretend that there was a we) wanted to create something that I could share with the community (Orangeville/Dufferin/Ontario/Canada/World) outside of the typical com channels (I don't have an FB, Twitter or Insta account). I want to start a dialogue (Bueller? Bueller?) by throwing around a few ideas, some words, some images, maybe inspire some thoughts, land a few punches, bruise a few egos, start a new conversation (I'm over the same old chit-chat). Just because I/we live in small town, doesn't mean we have to think small or aim small.

My plan: I don't have one.

In the end, it's about making things and sharing these things with you.

In many ways, I'm lost. I don't know where I'm going with this, and that's okay (says me) — because if I'm not lost, I'm in a place/space that somebody has already found.

In the end:

This is a free-thinking collective (of one). I believe in the power of words and art and ideas; I'm embracing all the things that I love. I'm daydreaming, questioning, rebelling.

In the end, all I/we can do is try.

This is my try.

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