In Case of Emergency

Did you want some help, sir? No, thanks. I’m just too tall for these chairs. Now, we wait. Am I allowed to just leave? Turn that down, please! Have a good night, ladies! Turn it down a little more. Emergency contact, please. Anthony, please follow the yellow line to the second window.Name; Address; Emergency contact: Do you have your health card so I can verify the information? Thank you. Put this on your wrist. ER017124/22 Now, please follow the yellow line back to the waiting room, walk through the door and leave your chart in the white box. Can you repeat that for me, please? First audio-book free with membership. Please follow the yellow line back to the waiting room, walk through the door. GOVERNOR CUOMO RESIGNS. And leave your chart in the white box. I’m glad you’re there. They’ll be able to better monitor your BP. MANITOBA PREMIER NOT SEEKING RE-ELECTION. Finally! Save the date for our staff celebration. (There are a lot of flies in this place, man) Registration & Admitting. Pay Parking. Washrooms. Is everything okay? CANADIAN HOSTAGE IN CHINA. (Screaming). Annual Report 2020-2021. CAUSE OF ONTARIO JAIL DEATH DETERMINED. Automatic/Caution/Door. Please Wear Your Mask. Your care starts here. The last time you were here was for your broken arm. (screaming). I wonder what that was for. Don’t do that if it hurts! THE DAY IN BUSINESS. Maybe he’s vomiting. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it hurt? Families shouldn’t share everything. CHRISTINA APPLEGATE ANNOUNCES SHE HAS MS. Talk to Your Kids About Prescriptions. Turn it down some more. Is this the second waiting room? Is that your number? You should go back to the first waiting room. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Its’ that time again. How old are you going to be? Thank you for your patience. 11. Life’s Busy- Let’s Keep in Touch (screaming) Maximize Your Exposure. I don’t understand what you’re looking at. Loren, follow the red line to desk number three. Name: Address: Emergency contact: Essential Visitor. 416-930-2006. Advertising that works. I couldn’t imagine. Emergency Waiting (laughter) (screaming) Are they both done? We want to determine how many children died at the school. Danger 220 Volts. Room 114. He didn’t really apologize for the things he did to me while he was governor. A BURNED-OUT DISASTER ZONE. Shawna! Cuomo was once considered a presidential candidate. Shawna! Code 2 D1. Call now and get six months free! Code 2 D1. Allan! Yup! Come on in (screaming) I’ll be back. Grab a number. You’re not a little boy anymore. The Brick 50 Team. House calls are back. The right mattress guaranteed. Please wash your hands. It’s not the first time a military artifact has been unearthed in Ottawa. Dad, you have to go this way. Saving You More. Sit in your chair. That way? I didn’t know how I got in (screaming) That’s okay. Hey, Michael. You’re back. Oh, no. We’ve been here for two and half hours. I locked myself out. My memory isn’t so good (screaming) I can’t remember what happened this afternoon.

Anthony! Here. Please, come with me.

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